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Smartwifi not working after I changed my SSID

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  I changed my SSID recently and since then my smarteefi app on my Android mobile (moto g4 plus, android version 7.0)  doesn't configure the smart power strip with my ssid anymore. I get the following message when I tried to configure wifi settings with stable blue color on the power switch showing up.


Unable to communicate with Smarteefi Device. Smart Config may not be supported on your phone OS version. Please use browser based config method

Kindly assist me on this asap !


asked Dec 2, 2018 by kannanbalu (120 points)

1 Answer

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Dear Sir,

Please call our tech support at +91-8130345141 and we will help you with the reconfiguration of WiFi settings.
answered Dec 5, 2018 by sfiadmin (8,230 points)