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Notification not coming through.

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I bought four devices through Amazon.in, I installed three of them and were working correctly. Even though one was producing high pitch noise. 

But since the android App has been changed the notification is not been shown for any of the devices. I even reinstalled the Smarteefi APP on my phone and checked all the notification are enabled yet nothing is received when a state changed from on to off and vice versa.

Could please kindly provide instruction, thanks




asked Dec 16, 2018 by pjudeson (120 points)

1 Answer

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We updated android app to fix notification issue observed on some Android 8.x Oreo devices. Kindly update your app and let us know if you still face the problem
answered Dec 17, 2018 by gailu96 (1,020 points)
edited Dec 18, 2018 by sfiadmin
Hi Support

I installed  Smartiefi app on various Samsung phones such as Galaxy Note3, Note4 and Note 8 but no avail.

For example my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the following Android version 6.0.1
The kernel version is

The above problem started since the Smartiefi app version was changed the old version was woking fine.

I even completely removed the old version then re installed the new version still there are no resolution, I even installed on a brand new Note 8 phone and still the same issue.

Please kindly look into the matter, thanks