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Firmware and notifications issue

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hi. good day.

Yesterday i received my device and i configured the device. My device serial number is SE3110003225.

Two points

1. Inside the app its showing firmware 2.9. But on the box its reading Rev. 3.0. So how to update my firmware to 3.0.

2. The first time after i configured the device the notification was appearing on the notification tab and also notification centre (iphone). But after sometime no notification is coming both in notification tab inside the app and also notification centre (iphone). What might be the reason?

Waiting for your response.


Krishnan Kumanan. (contact number : 9884076350, Email : kkumanan@icloud.com)
asked Jan 10, 2020 by kkumanan (120 points)

1 Answer

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The version printed on the device is hardware revision (3.0). Latest Firmware revision is 2.9. Please note that hardware revision remain fixed for the life of device where is firmware version keeps changing time to time as we release over the Air upgrades.

Kindly check the notification settings in your iPhone and Smarteefi App or call our tech support.
answered Jan 10, 2020 by sfiadmin (8,890 points)