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Smart power switch turns off automatically

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I have the 16A smart switch. I have scheduled it to switch on at 6 am automatically. But no routine to switch off. However, the switch keeps switching off automatically after a certain time since it has started. I checked and resetted a couple of times. But the behaviour does not change. I believe that the switch turns off automatically after the power load drops suddenly. Probably because the geyser connected to it has heated up the water and the power load drops.

How do I fix this issue? The problem is that once the switch turns off automatically, it remains off. and the water gets cold or used up. I need to keep the switch on till I manually switch it off.
asked Feb 8 by nileshc (160 points)
edited Feb 8 by nileshc

1 Answer

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Looks like this is not a problem with the product but you might have set the countdown timer value to non-zero. Please check and set the countdown timer to 0.
answered Feb 8 by sfiadmin (8,210 points)
OK, will check, though I had not set any countdown timer.