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Smartlife Home Automation App

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Is there a way I can get Smarteefi devices along with the Smarlife Home automation application ?

It does have support for wifi switches but cannot get it to recognize the smarteefi switches.
asked Jul 20, 2020 by george.karian (170 points)

2 Answers

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No. Smartlife is a chineese App made by Chineese compnay Tuya Inc. Typically Chineese products works with this app.

All smarteefi products are made in India from scratch and works with our own app named "Smarteefi". Smarteefi App available both on Android and iOS.
answered Jul 21, 2020 by vipin.gahlaut (4,170 points)
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I really wish smarteefi device could interact with smartlife or other app via api.
answered Jul 23, 2020 by Gurneek123 (150 points)