Control Your Lightings Anytime from Anywhere


A True Anytime Anywhere Control...

Smarteefi Smart Switch and Smart Power Strip is a Wi-Fi enabled replacement to conventional switches and Power Strip giving you convenience to control your lightings and home appliances anytime from anywhere

You can control your lightings and home appliances from your mobile when you are at home or away. You can control your home appliances and ligtings from any part of the world as long as you have internet on your mobile (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi). It gives you the benefit of multiple smart plugs combined in to one without multiplying the cost

Individual Switch/Outlet Control...

Smarteefi Smart Products give you convinience to control and schedule each switch/outlet individually independent of each other

How It Works

Weekly and Daily Schedules...

Smarteefi Android App allows you to schedule On/Off event on individual outlets. This facility make it ideal tool for automation and energy saving.

For example typical Set-Top-Box consumes approx 40w when switched-off from remote control and waste energy for whole night. You can schedule to switch Off Set-Top-Box say at 11pm daily/weekdays or days of your choice and switch-on before morning news

Controllable from Android App

Controllable from Web Portal

Simple Setup...

A very convinent setup procedure allows to change Wi-Fi settings anytime.

Allows you to move Power Strip from one location (e.g. Home) to another (e.g. office) without much hassle to change Wi-Fi settings of different locations

How to Setup

Overload Circuit Breaker

SE315A circuit breaker switch provides protection to your appliances against current overload conditions.

No need to worry about where to buy additional fuse when blown in overload condition. All you need to do is reduce the load and press main switch in RESET position manually

Surge Protection

Protects your devices and equipment against voltage spikes

Delay Timer

Innovative microprocessor based solution dedicated to provide Monitoring of electricity before reaching your appliances and prevent disturbances reaching them. At every start a predetermined delay time of 6 seconds to ensure supply of quality power.