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Notification Behaviour Needs To Be Explained - Documented

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From what I have learnt through various questions and interactions I have found:

1. Notifications are not available on browser and show only on mobile apps

2. Notifications for app  or browser based control are not issued - sensible logic

3. BUT can we get clarity on notifications showing inside app and in global notification window on Android phone - when they show on either and cannot we make it always log on the app window - to check history, it helps a lot in checking and from security point of view in addition to trouble shooting. Sending notifications to 2 places and where one can be be temporary is not clean design unless Android stubbornly disallows it

4. Saving notification logs option would help - business premises - banks, ATM kiosks, offices, hotels and residences will appreciate storing/saving logs and not lose any notifications. I hope I have clarified the benefits and your sales will soar if this feature is there and advertised on this point itself.
asked Sep 22, 2018 by anagol (260 points)

1 Answer

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Looking for the same option here.
Can anyone tell me whether it is implemented?


Thanks & Regards,
Nanjunda M
answered Dec 15, 2022 by nanjunda (180 points)