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Hi, Are you planning to add Apple Homekit support to the smart plug?

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asked Sep 23, 2019 by yuvachandan (170 points)

1 Answer

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We may add in future but its not on immediate roadmap
answered Oct 3, 2019 by sfiadmin (10,990 points)
Any updates over this item? It will really help the ios users
It’s high time that Smarteefi started supporting HomeKit. Every week I come to Smarteefi Website to see if there’s any update on HomeKit announcement. Keep checking amazon product page to see if there’s any update. The Smarteefi range of products and their compatibility with existing setup at home make them ideal for full home automation. But people like me are uncomfortable with having companies like Google and Amazon have speakers in home that can be used to track us. We trust Apple with privacy. That’s the only thing stopping us from automating our entire homes. Also, I think the category of products that Smarteefi has, no one else really has them. Think about Fan Regulator. Who in the world has a HomeKit compatible fan regulator out there? Also, I’m willing crowdfund such an effort by prebooking HomeKit versions of switches and products in advance if there’s such an initiative. Also, if there’s a ₹1000-2000 worth hub accessory required to get HomeKit support done, then please do it. Someone who’s looking to automate their entire home with reliability of HomeKit would be more than willing to pay that much. It’s high time a reliable Indian product like Smarteefi went out there to capture this market.
Its been more than an year now. Any update on supporting Homekit? Or is it still in roadmap?
I got the same reply even after 3 years. So I looked for open source hubs. if you already have a Pi Board then check Hoobs.com and it has plugin for Smarteefi developed by one of the Smarteefi user. I am now using Apple Home kit .