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Module No.ss4110000492 - Suddenly device stopped accessing Wi-Fi

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At the time of wi-fi stopped only 2nd switch was on ON condition and balance 3 switches were OFF.

Now we are unable to switch off the 2nd switch nor switch on balance 3 switches even manually.

Wi-fi light is glowing stable (green).

We have tried reinitialising the wi-fi thru' mobile but wi-fi light is not blinking to reinitialise then we have

tried to long press the switch 1 but device is not responding at all.

Kindly help resolving this problem.

Thanks & Regards.

B Murali Krishna
asked Jun 21, 2022 by b1960bmk (150 points)

1 Answer

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As you contacted support team on whatsapp, I believe your problem is resolved by tech support.
answered Jun 25, 2022 by vipin.gahlaut (5,170 points)