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i have se51 modal how to put it to setting mode

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All the instruction docs and videos are pretty much useless. there are of different devices . Not the one I have. Please add a video for every device you have. I have only one switch in my power strip. long pressing it or continuesly pressing it for 5 times doesn't work. The smarteefi app says no devices found on the wifi config screen
asked Sep 12, 2022 by richalsthomask (130 points)

1 Answer

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Dear Sir,

Please call our support number (8130345141) We will help you. On SE51 it does not need to be press 5 time, you need to press and hold for 5 seconds (long press of 5 sec) to change to configuration mode.
answered Sep 12, 2022 by vipin.gahlaut (5,170 points)